names: Mac, Vesper
about: 23, white, tme, genderqueer, polyamorous, queercrip, stone femme.
my gender is faggot <3
i use a cane, forearm crutches (Smart Crutches), a forearm rollator, and a mobility scooter.
previously: basilhallward, genderqueercrowley
disability blog @crippleprophet - cripple punk, chronic pain, ableism, accessibility, disability studies, & disability liberation
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I post about...

  • art, poetry, literature, love, queerness, campiness

  • Quakerism, religion, crises of faith, exvangelical trauma

  • critical race theory, queer theory & politics, disability studies, fat liberation

  • bluegrass, folk, Americana, & campy pop music

  • The Get Down, Cobra Kai, Pacific Rim, Star Wars, Shadowhunters, Riverdale

Some opinions if you wanna know

  • when it comes to queerness & LGBTQ+ identity, I'd rather err on the side of inclusion. if someone feels their experiences are reflected in these communities and wants to be involved, cool

  • similarly, making fun of and/or excluding polyamorous people, ace and/or aro people, etc. won’t make anybody less oppressed

  • the US South isn't a monolith & marginalized people in the area need support in their movements, not tweets dunking on (insert state)

  • shipping real people, pedophilia, incest, abusive relationships, etc. is gross

  • assimilation is boring & respectability politics won't save us

  • gender & sexuality labels are generally neutral and can absolutely be a good thing. communities for specific experiences can also be great. however, collective liberation is vital; we are stronger together

  • disability is both a natural part of human diversity and a product of an inaccessible society

  • access is love

  • there is no queer liberation without Black liberation

  • there is no queer liberation without disability liberation

I tag...

  • reclaimed (for language that can be derogatory but is reclaimed in context)

  • blood, gore, knives, guns

  • sexual assault, sexual assault mention, rape, rape mention

  • self harm, self harm mention

  • ed tw, weight mention, calories mention

  • transmisogyny, transphobia, homophobia

  • racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, ableism, misogyny

  • abuse, abuse mention

  • repetition, eye contact

  • alcohol, cigarettes

  • claustrophobia tw, underwater tw

  • violence, gun violence, police brutality

  • death, death mention

  • suicide, suicide mention

  • please let me know if there's anything you want me to tag!